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Multinationals, Subsidiaries and National Business Systems

The Nickel Industry and Falconbridge Nikkelverk

Studies in Business History: 2

Pål Thonstad Sandvik

224pp: 234x156mm: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 268 5: £75/$120

eBook: £30 (incl. VAT)
£25 (excl. VAT)
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Capitalism is becoming increasingly global, with the dominance of multinational companies creating a large-scale reliance on subsidiaries. Scholarly attention has tended to focus on the owners and management of the multinationals, but when the focus is changed to that of subsidiaries, different aspects of business development and international capitalism come to light. Sandvik’s study looks at the Falconbridge nickel refinery in Kristiansand, Norway – a subsidiary of Canadian company Falconbridge Mines. The duration of ownership makes this an ideal case study and provides an insight into how local strategies can influence the dynamics of multinational companies the world over.

1 Aims and Approaches
2 The Industrial Background
3 The Rise and Fall of the Kristiansand Nickel Company, 1910–24
4 Falconbridge, the Kristiansand Plant and the Norwegian Business System, 1929–39
5 Vertical Integration and Trade Politics: Falconbridge's Success on World Markets in the 1930s
6 Managerial Practices and Transatlantic Tension
7 Occupied and Isolated, 1940–5
8 Restoring and Promoting the Subsidiary’s Mandate: The Post-War Expansion
9 Multinational Enterprise and Norwegian Social Democracy
10 A Creative Subsidiary? Developing Kristiansand’s Knowledge Resources
11 The Weakening of Falconbridge and the Strengthening of the Kristiansand Subsidiary
12 Multinational Enterprise, Host Society and Environmental Challenges
13 Creating a Competitive Subsidiary
14 Conclusions: The Making of a Subsidiary
ISBNs: 9781848932685 978-1-84893-268-5 ISBNs: 9781848932692 978-1-84893-269-2 ISBNs: 9781781442807 978-1-78144-280-7

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