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Lives of Shakespearian Actors, Part V

Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Henry Irving and Ellen Terry by their Contemporaries

Lives of Shakespearian Actors

Series Editor: Gail Marshall
Volume Editors: Anjna Chouhan, Katharine Cockin, Victor Emeljanow and Denis Salter
Consultant Editor: Tetsuo Kishi

3 volume set: 1392pp: 234x156mm: 2012
978 1 85196 931 9: £295/$520

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These volumes chart the careers of three Shakespearian actors through reviews, interviews and reminiscences. Sources are chosen to illustrate individual performances and the contemporary responses to them.

Herbert Beerbohm Tree epitomized the late-Victorian and Edwardian actor-manager. Known for his monumental productions of Shakespeare, he was criticized by many as vulgar. Yet his work was popular and his Shakespeare festivals celebrated Shakespeare’s place as a national and imperial figure.

Famous for his distinctive mannerisms, Henry Irving’s acting divided critics. Perhaps the best known of all the actor-managers, he often took responsibility for directing, set-design and casting, and re-opened the Lyceum theatre under his own control. In 1895 he was the first actor to be awarded a knighthood.

Ellen Terry was considered the greatest Shakespearian actress in Britain. Brought into partnership with Irving, she spent two decades as his leading lady.

Substantial volume introductions and extensive notes provide contextual analysis of the source material. This set will be essential to those researching the staging of Shakespeare’s plays, the History of the Theatre and to those teaching performance studies.

  • Contains over 300 rare documents, including reviews, articles and extracts from biographies
  • Focuses on the contemporary response to performance
  • Material is drawn from several periodicals including Era, Blackwood’s Magazine and the Athenaeum
  • Editorial apparatus includes a general introduction, chronology, volume introductions, headnotes and endnotes
  • Consolidated index appears in the final volume

Volume 1: Herbert Beerbohm Tree
Edited by Victor Emeljanow

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Volume 2: Henry Irving
Edited by Anjna Chouhan and Denis Salter

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Volume 3: Ellen Terry
Edited by Katharine Cockin

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Rebecca West, 'New Light on Ellen Terry' (1932); Christopher St John, ‘Ellen Terry’s Shrine’, Sackbut (1933); 'The Ellen Terry Memorial' [leaflet]

Series Editor: Gail Marshall, University of Leicester
Volume Editor: Anjna Chouhan, University of Leicester
Volume Editor: Katharine Cockin, University of Hull
Volume Editor: Victor Emeljanow, Newcastle University
Volume Editor: Denis Salter, McGill University
Consultant Editor: Tetsuo Kishi, University of Kyoto
ISBNs: 9781851969319 978-1-85196-931-9

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