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Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century

Series Editor: Bernard Lightman

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This monograph series focuses on the history of science during the nineteenth century. An era of exciting and transformative scientific discoveries, it was also a period when significant features of the relationship between contemporary science and culture first assumed form. The series includes studies of major developments within the disciplines, from geology and botany, to astronomy and medicine, as well as works on popular science. The evolution of scientific ideas is placed in its social, political, religious, cultural, imperial and international contexts.

Bernard Lightman is Professor of Humanities at York University. He is Society Editor for the History of Science Society and the Editor of their journal, ISIS. His research and teaching focuses on European Intellectual History, Nineteenth-Century British History and the History of Modern Science. Recent publications include Victorian Popularizers of Science: Designing Nature for New Audiences (2007),  Evolutionary Naturalism in Victorian Britain: The 'Darwinians' and their Critics (2009), Victorian Science and Literature (General Editor) (Pickering & Chatto, 2011, 2012) and The Correspondence of John Tyndall (Pickering & Chatto, forthcoming).

Editorial Board

Conevery Bolton Valencius, University of Massachusetts – Boston

Robert Brain, University of British Columbia

William Brock, Emeritus Professor, University of Leicester

Janet Browne, Harvard University

Geoffrey Cantor, University of Leeds

Pietro Corsi, University of Oxford

Fa-Ti Fan, State University of New York-Binghamton

Bruce Hunt, University of Texas at Austin

Mark Jackson, Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter

Myles Jackson, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn

Sally Kohlstedt, University of Minnesota

Lynn K Nyhart, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Michael A Osborne, University of California, Santa Barbara

Bowdoin van Riper, independent scholar

Marc Rothenberg, National Science Foundation

Simon Schaffer, University of Cambridge

Jutta Schickore, Indiana University

Ann Shteir, York University

Sally Shuttleworth, University of Oxford

Robert Smith, University of Alberta

Jon Topham, University of Leeds

We invite submissions from established scholars and first-time authors alike. Prospective authors should send a detailed proposal with a rationale, chapter outlines and at least two sample chapters alongside a brief author's biography and an anticipated submission date. Please send your proposal and accompanying material electronically (although we may request hard copies if they are needed for external referees).

Although this will be primarily a monograph series, we are also willing to consider edited collections. Proposals may address any aspect of nineteenth century science, for example 'disciplines' such as geology, biology, botany, astronomy, physics, chemistry, medicine, technology, and mathematics. Proposals may also focus on themes within the social sciences, natural philosophy, natural history, the alternative sciences, and popular science. In addition, they may examine science in relation to one or more of its many contexts, including literature, politics, religion, class, gender, colonialism and imperialism, material culture, visual culture and print culture. The focus will be on Britain, Europe, and the United States, but we are willing to consider works with a comparative and international dimension. Although the chronological focus will be on the nineteenth century, manuscripts that begin in the late eighteenth century or that go into the early twentieth century are also welcome.

Send your proposals to: Bernard Lightman, 309 Bethune College, York University, 4700 Keele St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For detailed information on submitting a proposal, please click here.

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