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History and Philosophy of Biology

Series Editors: Dawn M Digrius and Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther

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This series brings together insights from historians and philosophers to shed light on significant developments and issues in the life sciences. It includes all aspects of the biological sciences as well as philosophical studies from both the analytic and continental traditions.

The scope of the series will include studies relating to evolutionary theory, environmental sciences, systems biology, biotechnology, bioethics, race and sex.

Dawn M Digrius is Senior Project Manager for the STEM Collaboratives at the Chancellor's Office, the California State University, Long Beach, California. She has published on a variety of topics in the history of science and biology, including evolutionary theory and the plant sciences, the history of paleobotany, and religion and science. Recent articles include 'The Unheretical Christian: Lynn Harold Hough, Darwinism and Christianity in 1920s America' (2011), 'Food for Peace' in Encyclopedia of US/Latin American Relations (2012), and 'Early Botany, 1880-1920' in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Darwin and Evolutionary Thought (2013).

Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). At UCSC he is also affiliated faculty with the Department of Psychology and the Department of Latin American and Latino Studies. He has published on a wide variety of topics in philosophy of science and philosophy of biology, as well as on science more generally. Recent publications include 'Mathematical Modeling in Biology: Philosophy and Pragmatics', Frontiers in Plant Evolution and Development (2012) and 'Prisoners of Abstraction? The Theory and Measure of Genetic Variation, and the Very Concept of "Race"', Biological Theory (co-authored) (2013).

We invite submissions from established scholars and first-time authors alike. Prospective authors should send a detailed proposal with a rationale, chapter outlines and at least two sample chapters alongside a brief author's biography and an anticipated submission date.

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